Recital Provides Goals

Recitals Provide Goals!

The recital may seem far away right now, but months of preparation are needed to make sure every dancer is as ready as he or she can be.  Just as football players practice for months before the Super Bowl, dancers practice for months before the recital!

The time required for recital preparation helps teach our students how to work towards a goal—a goal they can take much pride in.  They feel encouraged when they realize that some of the new steps they are learning this fall will become part of their class’s recital choreography!

Here at BPA, our students begin learning recital choreography in February and will continue learning and correcting those movements all the way through April.  In May we spend time “cleaning” choreography, which is a simple way to say that our teachers will be helping their students improve their steps by practicing the recital dance many times.  This is another reason why consistent attendance is critical; students must be physically present in their class in order to effectively practice and reach their recital goals!

Ms. Brittany and Ms. Erica share a very funny recital story while dancing on stage!


“We have been to a number of studios throughout the country and now in AZ. and this school is one of the best places we have been.  The front office staff is knowledgeable and friendly and the teachers are professional, fun and encouraging.  My kids take music lessons, musical theater and voice and having all that available at one location is a huge convenience.”

Michelle DiBaise - Parent

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