Recitals Promote Teamwork!

What’s an invaluable life skill that everyone needs?  Teamwork!  And dancers must do a lot of it.  By working with their classmates on a group performance for the recital, dancers learn how to work together with positive intentions to create the best possible result.

As you’ve probably seen in class, it’s never too early to begin developing teamwork skills!  At BPA, even our preschool students are learning how to follow the leader, make a circle, or change spots with a friend—all skills that they build upon and may demonstrate during the recital.

As our students mature, they also begin to see the importance of reliability on each other—that as a group, they are helping one another pave a successful path to the recital.  The process of learning a recital dance and practicing together becomes just as important as the final performance itself.

The ability to work as a team is a skill that our BPA faculty are well-versed in nurturing.  We have seen just how important—and how special—those group bonds can be among our students.  And there’s no better place to see teamwork on display than at the recital!

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