BPA 45th Annual Recital

Blast from the Past!

May 30th– June 6th

Our 2020 Recital Blast from the Past! will take place May 30th– June 6th at Horizon High School located at 5601 E. Greenway Blvd.

Please pay special attention to the Recital Schedule Grid for dates and times of rehearsals and performances. Remember there will only be ONE MANDATORY Tech/Dress Rehearsal for each cast. ALL dance routines have a scheduled time block at the Tech/Dress, please find your dance routine number and scheduled time on the Recital Grid.

Also note Performance time on Saturday evening for Green Cast starts at 5pm.

Please see your dancers’ teacher for any questions you may have.


We believe recitals will...

Boost confidence   •   Promote teamwork   •   Provide goals

Build new skills   •   Create memories

After working hard in their dance and music classes all year, we want to give our students the opportunity to show off the skills they have learned to their family, friends, and the community. That’s why at the end of every dance year, Bender Performing Arts produces a professional dance recital. Two music recitals are performed each year one in the winter and the other in the spring. Our goal with each recital is to showcase what each student has to offer, give them confidence and fond memories that will last a lifetime.

Watch the video below to see a recap of the Lights-Camera-Dance Recital from 2019.

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