Covid-19 Policies
for Re-Opening August 2020

Welcome to Bender Performing Arts!

We are SO excited to see everyone again! We have prepared the following information to help you have a happy, healthy, and safe return to classes.

Please review before your first class for the smoothest transition back to classes. We look forward to seeing you soon!!

We are pleased to be able to offer you two ways to dance with our safer studio policies:

  1. You can join us for in-person classes


  1. If you are uncomfortable attending in-person classes, you are welcome to learn-at-home with our live-streamed classes via Zoom. Links for at-home participation are available inside your parent portal and are emailed the day of your class as well.

Re-Opening August 2020, Click Below to Watch

Bender Performing Arts is a Safer Studio™

BPA follows the More Than Just Great Dancing!® Safer Studio Guidelines which prioritize a hierarchy of safety and wellness measures including:

Wellness checks for staff

Frequent hand hygiene

Enhanced cleaning procedures

Minimizing mixing and mingling via social distancing practices

Curricular and facility adjustments

Continuous parent communications.

Please see below for the specific way BPA is applying these guidelines for re-opening in August.


Wellness Checks for Staff

BPA is a Youth Protection Advocates in Dance® Certified Studio. Additionally, all teachers and staff members will receive regular and continuing safety training as it relates to preventing community spread of COVID-19.

All staff members are wellness checked before their shift.

Parents are asked to not send their children to class if they, or a member of their household, have a fever or respiratory symptoms.

Parents are asked to not send their children to class if they, or a member of their household, have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days.


Frequent Hand Hygiene

Employees will wash hands and/or sanitize before and after each class.

Hand sanitizing stations will be available inside and outside of all classrooms. Students will be asked to sanitize before and after classes.

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

We have increased our cleaning frequencies and sanitation procedures in high traffic areas and high touch surfaces of the studio such as doors, viewing windows, barres, floors, counters, stereos, and bathrooms.

Minimized Mixing and Mingling

We have made facility, scheduling, and curricular changes to reduce mixing and mingling in support of social distancing recommendations. However, we understand that unlike older children and adults, young children cannot be expected to maintain social distancing at all times.

Facility & Curricular Adjustments

Please bring clearly labeled water bottles. Drinking fountains will not be available.

Vending machines will not be available at this time.

No Locker usage, please empty locker by August 22nd. We will reevaluate locker usage monthly.

Students may bring an easy to eat, no mess, snack from home and is only recommended on days that a student has multiple classes in a row.

Dancers will bring all dance bags into the studio, NO bags or belongings are allowed in the hallways or lobby areas unattended.

Bathrooms will be available for toileting only, but not for changing clothes. When needed, dancers will be allowed to use the bathroom one at a time and will be cleaned frequently.

Curricular adjustments have been made to eliminate certain prop use, hand-holding and to reduce mixing and mingling in the classroom.

Class sizes have been modified and the rooms marked to reflect current social distancing recommendations.

Classrooms will have staggered dismissal (3-5 minutes) to allow for student transitions.

Students who have a break in between classes one hour or less may wait in designated areas. If the break is longer than an hour they will need to be picked up and return.


All entrances take place from the exterior door directly into the dancer’s classroom with the exception of classrooms upstairs. Room 5 and private music will use the front doors to enter the building (see student schedule in your parent portal for classroom assignments). Exterior doors have been labeled with studio room letter.

The assigned teacher will hold open the exterior room door for students to enter.   Parents will not be allowed in classrooms during class times.

Parents of little dancers in Kindergarten or under are able to wait inside, if necessary, for child comfort.

At this time, to help with physical distancing in our building, parents of students in 1st grade and older will not be allowed to observe or stay in the studio. However, you can log into your students ZOOM link to observe the class.

All parents may enter through the front doors to talk with the front desk as needed.


Student pick up will be at the front doors of our lobby.You may use our pick up lane or park and pick up your student at the front doors while social distancing.

Parents should be on time to pick up dancers. If you are not on time to pick up your student, they will be waiting in the lobby with the front desk. Please make every effort to be on time.


Masks/Face Coverings

ALL BPA employees will be wearing face coverings

At this time, dancers are not required to wear a face covering when dancing, however, students age 6 and older are required to wear them before, after and in between classes. Unless they fall under another exception of the emergency mandate of Phoenix.

Music students are required to wear a face covering when taking in person lessons

Anyone coming into the studio age 6 or older will be required to have a face covering.

We will continue our efforts to support community health by offering a variety of ways for students to continue to dance safely. After all, health is not just about avoiding sickness. It’s also about building strong bodies, minds, and hearts – something that happens in each and every class at BPA!

That said, you are probably aware that COVID-19 cases will continue . It probably also goes without saying that we are going to experience reports of COVID-19 exposure as we welcome back our staff and students. Based on the AZ Health Department protocols single reports of exposure risk will not require a studio closure. If the studio receives a report of direct exposure risk, the reporter will be asked to share with the health department, any affected classes will be notified, and exposure-risk level cleaning will be enacted. The health department encourages those with exposure risk to self-quarantine for 14 days from the date of potential exposure. BPA has the ability to monitor staff self-quarantine but does not have the capacity to monitor student self-quarantine. As such, parents will be asked to use their own discretion as to their comfortability returning to class or if they would rather participate from home. There is absolutely no penalty for absence and classes may be made up in-person (space permitting) or online (anytime). If the studio receives a cluster report of direct exposure risk, we will work directly with the health department on the next steps.

Please review our terms and conditions.

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